How Snowflake enabled a global network of organizations to connect, collaborate, and achieve with data


The Data Cloud was born from a bold vision: disrupt 50 years of computing to mobilize the world’s data.

The data economy continues to grow. But its pace is stifled by the barriers built into legacy and cloud solutions that silo data across the enterprise and the planet. Rise of the Data Cloud chronicles an idea that evolved into one of the biggest breakthroughs in modern technology. The Data Cloud brings organizations and their data together so the true potential of the data economy can emerge. Find out how your enterprise can join the Data Cloud and reap the previously unimaginable benefits of transacting with data, locally and globally.

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“The Rise of the Data Cloud tells the amazing story of how Snowflake reimagined the concept of a data warehouse, creating a truly innovative cloud platform.”

Marc Benioff Chair and CEO, Salesforce

Snowflake began as a modern data warehouse built to unify an organization’s siloed data; unlock the unlimited power, scale, and performance of the cloud; and democratize data-driven decision-making across the enterprise. An innovative solution but just the first application of Snowflake’s revolutionary and wide-reaching technology. Soon after, Snowflake became the platform for a host of its customers’ most critical data workloads. With more than an exabyte of data in Snowflake, and combined with Snowflake’s modern data sharing technology, the Data Cloud was born. A network of thousands of organizations enabled to securely and seamlessly discover and share data across departments, industries, and public clouds to best understand and serve their businesses and their customers.


Frank Slootman and CNBC’s Jim Cramer discuss Snowflake and The Rise of the Data Cloud book



Frank Slootman

Frank Slootman


Frank Slootman is chairman and CEO of Snowflake, a leader in cloud data management software. Frank has more than 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur and executive in the enterprise software industry. He served previously as CEO of ServiceNow and Data Domain, shepherding both companies from their startup phases through their IPOs and beyond. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in economics from the Netherlands School of Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam. In his spare time, he races fast sailboats.

Steve Hamm

Steve Hamm


Steve Hamm is a freelance writer and documentary filmmaker. Steve has written about the tech industry as a journalist for more than 30 years, working at publications including BusinessWeek, PC Week, and the San Jose Mercury News. His book credits include Smart Machines, about the emergence of cognitive computing; and bangalore Tiger, about the rise of the Indian tech industry. When he’s not working, he rides his bicycle and fishes for trout.